US Winter Olympics Athletes Bring Home A Stray Dog Friends Appreciation

We all love Animals but when someone talks about dogs it give us more attention and we listen to him or she really cares fully.Check out How U.S Olympics athletes react when they are with their dogs.

U.S. Snowboarding athletes with Sochi stray dogs back to the United States. (Map/turn photo Lindsey Jacobellis Instagram)

Photo With Dog

Before the Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia came in order to maintain the cityscape, a lot of culling stray dogs, lambasting aroused many foreign players cannot bear, have to adopt these stray dogs. U.S. women’s snowboard athletes Lindsey Jacobellis Although not win a medal, but she did something more meaningful than winning, adopt a stray dog , and bring it back to the U.S. to live with, get appreciative users around the world, praising ” to be proud of you! ”. When we talk about dog health then we use best dog ear cleaners 2018 for washing their ears. We try to use those cleaners that not hurt them at all.

Denver Airport

Arrived at Denver airport, from stray dogs enjoy delicious bones. (Map/turn photo Lindsey Jacobellis Instagram)

Jacob Boli very fond of animals, although the Sochi Winter Olympics medal for him, but she got even more precious treasure, a dark brown and white collie stray dogs, which together with the plane ride back to Denver, and enjoy photos of dog bones PO in their community website Instagram, attracted more than 800 users to like, for her to let the dog have a new and happy life.

Lindsey Jacobellis adoption of stray dogs gets vendor sponsorship. (Map/turn photo Lindsey Jacobellis Instagram)

American ski-in/ski-out silver medalist Kenworthy (Gus Kenworthy) cannot bear to separate the mother dog and the dog children, it is time for adoption of a bitch and 4 dogs children, so that they can also be a reunion in the United States, in addition to winning Freestyle Skiing Men Tips slope obstacle gold medal American players Christensen (Joss Christensen), United States Winter Olympics team and straddle sled snowmobile group media Contact Patrizi (Amanda Bird), who also played the love, adoption of local homeless dog.

More About Dogs

This is how they react and become happy more than us. So, always love them and spend your time with them so you live your life with fun and happiness.

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