Waste King Legend 8000

Waste King Legend 8000 Garbage Disposal

Waste King Legend 8000The Waste King Legend 8000 1 HP garbage disposal unit features a truly powerful motor, full stainless steel grinding mechanism with anti-jam swivel impellers and tougher than nails grinding components. The Legend is remarkably quiet for a disposal with such power and also sports a front-mounted reset button and installed power cord. The corrosion-proof chamber and no hassle grinding of even the toughest food by-products mean the Legend will be a reliable part of your overall food prep experience. Here are just some of the reasons the Waste King disposal 8000 tops our list as best garbage disposal:

No hassle installation: – The Waste King Legend 8000 comes with everything you need for a fast, hassle-free installation including an easy mount system and comprehensive instructions.
Jam-Free operation: – The Legend 8000 is a beast, although a quiet beast to be sure. You can continuously feed this gentle giant while running and you’re likely to never experience a jam.

The 1 HP motor will reduce the toughest broccoli stumps to broccoli dust in short order.
Oh, the power! The Legend’s 1 HP 2,800 rpm motor is plenty energy efficient but also provides more gnawing power than almost anything else on the domestic market. It’s truly a marvel of contemporary engineering, providing you maximum function while making minimum impact on your energy bills.
Corrosion-free operation: – The grinding chamber of the Legend 8000 is made from glass-filled nylon which means you can operate it for the rest of your life and never have to worry about corrosion. Fully insulated, stainless steel grinding components mean you’ll also experience an ultra-quiet grind.
Septic tank compatibility: – Lesser quality disposals can create significant issues in homes with septic tanks. The Legend 8000, however, is completely safe when partnered with a properly sized septic tank and will never produce the kind of oversized waste that can cause septic tanks to clog.
First class warranty: – The Legend 8000 comes with a lifetime warranty against corrosion and a limited mechanical warranty that isn’t really so limited. By that, we mean that it’s only limited by your lifespan. If the Legend develops a defect at any time after you install it, up to the time of your passing, Waste King will replace it free of charge.
Some of the other disposals on this list may be essentially equal to the Legend 8000, but none can be said to be measurably better. Just a great disposal all around.


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