Best Orthopedic and Ultimate Lounge-Pet Bed of 2018

Buying the perfect bed for your dog doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Cheap dog beds can be found in many stores, and if you shop carefully, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of a bed just for a cheaper price.

Most low cost dog beds come in one of two basic styles- pillow beds, or “loungers”, which come in various sizes and shapes, and donut beds, which are generally circular and built up on the sides, leaving the “hole” of the donut for the dog to sleep in.

The inner stuffing of the bed is often what determines part of the price. Cheaper beds tend to be made with more inexpensive stuffing materials, such as foam or pillow stuffing, as opposed to the feather down, cedar chips or orthopedic foam and of more expensive beds. Both regular foam and pillow stuffing are very comfortable, and can make a good bed for any size dog. However, foam may not be a good choice for all pets, as it cannot be washed, and thus the bed may become unusable if it becomes soiled. Covering the inner stuffing of a dog bed with a waterproof cover, or even a garbage bag can help to keep the bed clean, thus increasing its longevity.

How to choose a best dog bed

Choosing a dog bed that has a removable outer cover is also an important factor that can help to ensure that whatever bed you choose will be washable and able to be kept clean through many uses. The best cheap dog beds have a waterproof lining built into the cover, to prevent the inner stuffing from getting wet or dirty.

Other types of cheap dog beds that are often very useful are throws- padded blankets, often with fleece lining on one or both sides, that can be spread out over a couch or the back of a car, or folded up to make a thick bed. These throws are useful because they are machine washable and versatile for a variety of animal (and even non-animal) related uses.

Not all cheap dog beds are created equal - by carefully selecting a bed with the right materials, you can ensure that it will be a useful and comfortable place for your dog to sleep for a long time. For more instruction and information about choosing a quality dog bed you can visit this site as well.


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