Smart Cube That Will Help You Do Everything

If you want to finish your work on time, do housework and have some personal time after a hard day, then you don’t need extra hours in the day, but the ability to use the time you have wisely. Do you want to find out about a device that helps not miss deadlines and understand what you are spending your life on? Then it’s time to learn about the smart TimeFlip cube.

What Is TimeFlip?

TimeFlip is a time management tracker. It allows you to effectively track your productivity and always know how much time you have spent on this or that task. The principle of operation is simple: you synchronize the tracker with a smartphone and distribute everyday activities on different cube faces. When starting a task, put the cube so that the desired cube face looks up, and the gadget will begin to count the time. The main thing is not to forget to turn the tracker on time when changing tasks. All your daily activities will appear in the form of understandable analytics on the smartphone app. You will see what you spent the day, week or month on. Strictly speaking, TimeFlip is not a cube, but a dodecahedron. Plastic sides are fastened on magnetic locks and can be easily folded out. There is a smart chip inside that runs on a simple tablet battery. You won’t have to charge or change the battery frequently: the battery can last for a year. The chip transmits information via Bluetooth to a mobile app that will conduct a detailed analysis and present the data in a convenient graph, table or bar graph.

Who Can Like This Smart Cube?

The time management tracker will be appreciated by those who work in multitasking mode. This is about almost all office employees. It will help understand why you are late at work or become more tired. After the first week of use, look at analytics and determine which tasks take the most time. It may be just about the poor management of cases: you spend the productive part of the day on trifles, and you start doing complex and important duties in a hurry and without strength. When you understand where you are wasting time, you will be able to adjust your schedule and monitor its compliance with the dodecahedron. The compact device does not take up much space on the table. First, you will have to get used to turning the cube on time, but this action becomes automatic very quickly.

 Another category of people who will like the tracker is freelancers and remote workers. It is especially difficult for them to coordinate their work, but their income, health and rest depend on the correct time management. When you do not know how to control time, the working day lasts forever. Besides, TimeFlip is useful to everyone who wants to become more efficient but does not understand why it is so difficult to be on time everywhere. It is convenient to carry the cube with you to optimize everything that you do: work, hobbies, household chores. As soon as you start tracking time, you will immediately realize that your schedule still has a lot of space for interesting and important things.

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