Ways to use a Convertible Car Seat For Compact Cars

Ways to use a Convertible Car Seat For Compact Cars You know situations like that, of course, there’s always maybe couple people who could go with you or hold movie or babysitter. That stuff you know it can be worked around for sure but there’s definitely a convenience to having the infant seat. So I decided with our baby coming up that if I could find an infant seat for under seventy-five dollars.  That was worth the convenience for me for the first few months and then we would get convertible seats or possibly get a convertible seat from the beginning for the other car.  For a second car, I don’t know we’ll see um also there is another piece of this that was worrying me and that is that most car seats manufacture require that she replaced the car seat after an accident.

Best Model Of Car Seat

You have to figure out whether your model does require that but that’s kind of a standard and unfortunately, if you have comprehensive car insurance coverage they will likely replace the seat for you. But if you don’t and we because we have older cars if you just have liability insurance you’re going to have to pay for that car seat out of pocket and if you have a $300 best narrowest car seat convertible car seat this was last 10 years.  We live in America the chances of not getting into any kind of accident in 10 years is substantially small let’s face it so that was not something I really felt good about. We can’t just you know a place with runners all of our sees every time you get into a little fender bender. So definitely there’s the pro over here for the infancy for that because you most likely might just have the bass in your car at the plane or you know you could always just replace with whatever. So there is definitely some pros and cons to think about depending on your insurance car you drive all of that stuff.

Convertible Car Seat

So, in the end, I started looking and seeing if I could find a cheap car seat an infant one and then maybe then later we could go with the more expensive convertible and it would likely last all the way through the last booster. I wouldn’t have to buy the booster that’s kind of our current plan but we’re still not entirely sure I was, however, able to find a Greco Classic connect 30 on the list price was eighty four ninety nine there was also a 20% off franco products. I think and then I had some gift cards and stuff so I actually ended up paying $64 for it yes good deal. So I’m really excited about that and then just to get another base like 40 bucks and I probably just use more gift cards and points for that anyway.

So I did decide to go that without route just because it like I said the price was okay with me for the convenience and you know the ultimately there is no right or wrong decision which way you go. It’s whatever fits you and your family your budget your lifestyle your car all that stuff has to go into play. So I’m happy with our decision for now and I’ll definitely keep you updated on our car seat choices in the future what did you decide to do from birth did you go with the infant car seat or the convertible car seat.


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